Are You Troubled on How to Use Your Kratom Powder?

Kratom is used to serve many health purposes like pain relief, energy boost, and stress relief among many other uses. To achieve these effects, you can either choose to take kratom in powder form or capsules form. If you choose the powder, which happens to be cheaper than the tablets, it is good to know what you should do. There are many ways of taking kratom powder. Here are some of the ways:

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Ways to Take Kratom Powder

1. Take it in Warm Water

The first way of taking kratom powder is by dissolving your kratom powder dose in warm water. Kratom powder has a very unpleasant taste. This makes this process one of the most used. You can decide to dissolve it in a full glass of warm water or even half. Once it is thoroughly dissolved, you need to gulp it continually until it’s over. Remember the taste is unpleasant, and so if you stop before it’s over, you will not get any more courage to take the second round immediately.

2. Dissolve in Kratom Potentiator

Kratom potentiator is anything which is used to boost the strength of your kratom dose. In most cases, the potentiators are normally sweet. Most of the usual tea you take can be used as potentiators. For instance, turmeric tea is very effective potentiators. If you dissolve your dose in the tea, you will enjoy it without feeling the intense taste of kratom. What matters, in this case, is not the amount of the potentiator but rather the amount of powder you use. Always stick to the right dose.

3. Take it Directly

This option is not for all. Just as you now know that kratom is very unpleasant in taste. Unique people would go for this. The problem with it is that the powder will tend to stick n the upper part of your mouth and to remove it there will be hard. You will have to bear the taste for some time. As a beginner, avoid this option.

Whichever the option you decide to take, there are other disciplines that you should take care of so that you can experience the desired effects. This comes both before and after your kratom powder dose.

What to do Before Taking Kratom Powder

Before you take the powder, ensure that your stomach is not empty. You should always eat well before you take kratom powder or else you will be at risk of nausea, diarrhea, and other risks.

What to do After Taking the Kratom Powder

Once you have taken your kratom powder, ensure you stay hydrated. Kratom tends to dehydrate you. To be on the safe side, ensure you take enough water to keep you fit for your daily activities. Otherwise, you might end up having used kratom to solve a given health problem but end up creating another health problem to your body.…