My life on Kratom

Out of sincerity and totally free from exaggeration or whatever rumors surrounding Kratom, I wish to bring my story which is my lifestyle on Kratom. All that I speak is an actual experiment done in my body, and I claim to reveal nothing more than a plain trough. This means the information you get from me about Kratom is unquestionable. It’s not from the test tubes and an observation from labs, but it’s from an actual human body.

My Kratom diet

My diet is so straightforward. I eat healthy foods which are composed of good starch and body friendly fats. I make sure I balance my diet but above all, I include Kratom in my meals. But let’s forget about the other concoctions and strictly deal with the primary target Kratom and its purchase. In the morning, I consume a cup full of Kratom tea. I then pack some two tablets in my case that I carry to my place of work. The tablets, I swallow them in the mid-day hour. When I come back from duty, in the evening just before I get to my bed, I take another cup full of Kratom. There is an insignificance difference when it comes to weekends where instead of capsules; I usually mix Kratom juice with my lemon juice or yogurt at midday hour. This is what my consumption of Kratom is, and I stick to it 24/7.

How it’s worked for me

Since I began to use Kratom, I must confidently claim that I have never been on any other drug. Let me not forget to mention the painkillers which you usually grab almost daily. To me, that’s history as pain is no longer part of me. At my workplace, when I take off, I receive calls from almost all my colleagues. They want me back. They enjoy my presence with them. Initially, before Kratom, I was the shy guy who never uttered a word. Once I stepped to work, I went quiet until late in the evening. But now I’m the clown at work. However, my employer has never complained that I’m the drawback at work, but instead he has promoted me.

Back to my personal life, I had had a lot of quarrels with my wife over the failure to meet her conjugal rights. We had visited a psychologist severally, and my ego was completely down. The Amazing thing is that since I touched green malay Kratom, I never have hard clashes with her.  I have failed to question why, but the happiness in-house is a clear indication that I have played my part well.

As I speak to you now, I’m at the age of thirty, playing for a world-class rugby team in my area which is doing well. It’s like I am the man of every match as I never miss a try. What a superb herb in my life.

My confession is that I’m leading a complete life. Thanks to God for the creation of Kratom and hurrah for my discovery. I’m a stress-free, joyfully and the hardworking man just because of Kratom.